We are making a splash with art!

     "We are making a splash with art!"

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Lesson 1: Art Introduction and Warm Up Activity (You will need a pencil and paper) 

Lesson 2: Element of art line & value. How to draw a rose ( You will need pencil and paper )

Lesson 3: Celebrate Black History Month 1 (Use any medium)

Lesson 4: My Ancestors Wildest Dreams Part 2
(Mediums: Pencils and Color Pencils)

Lesson 4: Fox Work Art (Water bowl, paint brush, watercolor and/or acrylic paint, sketch pad, pencil)

Lesson 5: Shadow Box ( plastic box, marker, origami paper, stick on sequence, glue stick, jewelry)

Lesson 5: Charcoal Drawing (sketchbook, charcoal, pencil)

Lesson 6: St. Patrick's Art (canvas/ or paper, pencil and/or marker, watercolor or color pencils)

Lesson 7: NF Yes Prep Panther Logo (canvas, watercolor, marker, pencil)

Lesson 8: Rabbit art (canvas, pencil, black marker, watercolor, brush, bowl of water)