Reminder: Splash Kids Art will be taking a break October 1st to November 29, 2020 
due to the owner on maternity leave. We will not be hosting any paint parties or art 
classes during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding

  We are making a splash with art!

     "We are making a splash with art!"

We will not be booking any Saturday art classes for the moment while on leave from Oct. 1st to Nov. 29. We will make updates to our website when we are back in full gear in January 2021. Please note we no longer offer groupon or tuition.  Thank you. 

Saturday Art Classes

Our art classes focus on a number of mediums from painting, drawing, and more. 

What Classes do you Offer and How Much?

  • We offer Saturday classes only. We are always updating the class schedule. Please be sure to join our email list for all the latest updates. Our classes are for ages  5 to 14. In 2021 we will have 2 classes a month possibly. 
  • Payment:
  • Cost for Saturday art is $10 per class. We no longer offer groupon or tuition. 


We are not taking registration momentarily. 

Schedule of upcoming classes 

  • No classes until January 2021. 


What can I expect: Our classes focus on a number of mediums from painting, drawing, and more. Please note that we work to make sure your child is learning but having fun. In no way do we want them to be frustrated or "give up." We believe every child is an artist in their own way. Technique and step by step is taught but not "forced." As we believe every child should enjoy art and make enjoyable memories that they can carry on with them for a lifetime. Children work at different levels. And we work to be patient with them, as well as build their confidence in Art.